Recruiting Resume has significantly altered the methodology to highlight your accomplishments to college coaches. Following dozens of consultations with high profile college coaches, Recruiting Resume is proud to provide you with a powerful tool that every collegiate athletic recruit should have – your own fully customized website to highlight your accomplishments.

branding & identity

You ARE your own brand. Highlight it with your own Recruiting Resume website.

web development

Your Recruiting Resume website is perfectly formatted to provide college coaches with a clean, well-organized snapshot of your athletic and academic accomplishments.

mobile design

Works flawlessly on all mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Highlight Videos

Recruiting Resume also specializes in the creation of highlight videos using the entire Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects.

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Sample Recruiting Resume Sites

Jackson Harvey

Taylor Mullen

Sample Recruiting Resume Highlight Video


Our pricing is simple – an investment of only $199 provides you with a professionally designed website. Our low price includes:

- Your exclusive Domain Name (example: www.FirstNameLastNameLax.com)
- Your exclusive email address (FirstName@FirstNameLastNameLax.com)
- Website Design
- Website Hosting for One Year
- 4 FREE website updates per year (new highlight video, revised GPA, awards won, etc)


What is Recruiting Resume?

We are a Technology Company that provides athletes with their own personal website to showcase and highlight their athletic and academic accomplishments. Recruiting Resume is the one and only company which provides personalized websites to athletes.

What sports will Recruiting Resume provide a website for?

Recruiting Resume is designed to provide custom websites to any athlete, regardless of sport. Our services are available to both female and male athletes. Our initial focus is on lacrosse.

Why would I want a personal Recruiting Resume website?

Simple…to highlight your academic and athletic accomplishments to potential college coaches in a professional, concise and consolidated format. College coaches are busy people and want to see your information in one central location – Recruiting Resume does this for you. A resume is used worldwide by all job seekers and is the first thing a potential employer sees from a job applicant. Your website is designed to be a professional resume to be seen by any college coach.

When will my Recruiting Resume website be ready?

Your Recruiting Resume website will be operational within 5 working days after you register. Oftentimes it will be operational much sooner.

What do I receive with my Recruiting Resume package?

You receive an exclusive Domain Name, a customized Recruiting Resume website, web hosting for one year, 4 FREE edits to your site, and access to our database of every D1, D2 and D3 lacrosse coach.

Can my Recruiting Resume website be modified?

Yes, your Recruiting Resume website package comes with 4 FREE edits per year – we feel 4 times is sufficient and would likely coincide with the end of a school semester, end of a summer lacrosse season, etc. Any edits beyond 4 per year will incur a minimal $25 charge.

How do I request changes to my Recruiting Resume website?

Log into your account and request changes via the Change Request portion of our website

What information will be included in my Recruiting Resume website?

We have consulted with dozens of prominent college coaches and have concluded the following information is most pertinent for coaches to fully evaluate an athletic prospect’s credentials: biographical information, school and club team information, recent statistics, highlight video, upcoming athletic schedule and coach/player contact information. Examples of Recruiting Resume websites can be seen in the Portfolio section of our website.

Is my Recruiting Resume website the only piece of information I should provide a college coach?

Your Recruiting Resume website is an excellent, well-organized tool to highlight your accomplishments. We recommend that you compose a well written “Cover Letter” when you email a coach – this “Cover Letter” should contain information that highlights you are familiar with the specific school and their program and should contain some key information about you. Of course, it is advisable to include a link to your personal Recruiting Resume website.

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